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Cross vCenter Migration

We come across migration issues that need to be done from different environments to different locations. These features are already included officially in VMware.

However, as can be seen from the following link, many of us afraid of integration steps needed and it also has licensing requirements.

Many of you know that there is a portal called VMware Flings, where VMware Professionals are developing unofficial solutions for business needs.

Again, after a project need, I came across the following tool and realized that the Cross vCenter Migration would become incredibly easy.

To make the tool work, JAVA is mandatory, you can run it on the server or even on your personal computer and carry out operations, but!

If the tool could be installed in a virtualization environment with a simple OVA template, how would it be if it was automatically opened and used through the browser without requiring any further Linux knowledge?

I feel like i hear you all saying it’s good 🙂

Based on this need, I added Java on a minimal Photon OS, and created a service for Cross vCenter Workload Migration Utility, thus the service can now start automatically when the virtual server starts. I have also customized this OVF Template using the steps on this site such a way that network requirements can be entered during the deployment phase.

You can download the OVA file with installation information here.

Your comments are important to me, I hope it will be useful for you.

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