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Easy deployment with Samsung Knox

Samsung has made many enhancements to the Knox platform over the past few years, and some of them have also been retired.

“Knox IT Solutions leverages the Knox platform and delivers end-to-end solutions for IT managers, such as configuration and deployment, managing, securing, and maintaining devices.”

When Android zerotouch deployment feature was announced by Google, Samsung devices had been excluded from this program, You think this is a problem for Samsung? Not really, because they’d already developed a similar solution called Knox. The auto-enrollment feature for your EMM environment can be called the most exciting feature here.

Zero-Touch Deployment with Google Android Enterprise

With the domination of enterprise solutions offered by Apple, Google announced the Zero-touch feature last year.

You can read my previous article here about Apple DEP and VPP here.

The workload of business units ends in an operational sense, with the routing of compatible mobile devices taken from Google approved resellers or operators after sending their IMEI and serial numbers to Android Zero-touch Portal. Devices can be delivered to users without even opening their packaging.