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Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP) and Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP)

What is the Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP) and the Apple Device Enrollment program (DEP)?

VPP is the solution that enables Apple to deploy applications from single point and manage licenses with mobile device management software on the enterprise side.

Exchanging keys and configuration are performed between mobile device management (MDM) and Apple Business Portal, which is basically used. Paid or free applications via VPP portal are taken up to the number of needs. One-point license management can be performed when this software is synced in an MDM environment. A corporate email address that has not been previously registered with the APP Store needs to be used.

As an example, 20 of X software were purchased and the relevant groups were assigned these software. Then, let’s say that 5 people from the assigned groups have left their jobs (even they did not return their devices), which in this case is needed from the former owners of wasted software, provides infrastructure for assigning new users to the process of VPP.

The Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP) adds a bit more fun to it admins.

Devices are purchased from suppliers that can sell Apple DEP can be delivered to users without having to unpack and pre-adjust the presets manually. Provided that you have an existing MDM solution and that the relevant devices are routed through the DEP portal to this server.

(DEP and VPP are supported on devices that support IOS, MacOS, and tvOS)

In this way,

-Presets, (VPN, WiFi, Proxy, restrictions etc.) are the same on all devices and can be delivered to the user without opening the device packaging.
-even if the user takes the device to factory settings, it falls back to the activation screen and the device cannot be used.

Below I will tell you how to make your company join into DEP and VPP.

The first 3 steps are regarding DEP registrations, so you can deploy a single-point license for apps on the App Store if you do your VPP activation while you’re in the process.
4th step is required during the recording of your devices.

Customer DEP for the first time | If the VPP is to be registered;

The following page should be read in detail
The DUNS number should be checked at the address below, or a new DUNS number must be created.
The device registration program at the following link requires that you register with the DUNS number and advance the process. In general, the call center needs to be searched and confirmed by the institution’s authority.
After the process is approved, DEP customer number is located in the upper-right corner of the contact information in the address in the organization information, the number is shared with your DEP Reseller, and the device registration process can be completed.

You need to send an English mail to the following address for the rest of the support issues.
[email protected]

* Note: Apple has started to move to address by updating the Enterprise Portal environment of their old environments.

Watch how you can deploy MacBook to 5 people from the video below 🙂

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