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Introduction to VMware vSphere

In this article I will talk about the basic VMware vSphere components as small definitions.

Name Definition
Hypervisor Software that is useful for virtualizing hardware resources. e.g. VMware ESXi
Virtualization Management Software Software that can monitor the entire virtualization structure and provide the necessary configurations. e.g. vsphere Client and vsphere Web client
vCenter is used for managing and controlling servers in a virtual environment. All virtual components can be managed from a single screen. Features such as vMotion, Distributed Resource Scheduler, High Availability, and Fault Tolerance cannot be performed without vCenter.
High Availability (HA) It is a clustering protection performed at the hypervisor level. It adds availability to virtual servers on ESXi that are closed or experiencing hardware failure continue to work on other available servers. (guest operating system might be experiencing a service outage until boot time)
Fault Tolerance (FT) Fault tolerance provides redundancy such as HA, but performs this on a virtual machine basis. The virtual server that is requested to be protected consumes resources on more than one physical server at the same time, and continues to run seamlessly on the other server at the time.
vMotion The virtual machines are moved onto the other host without needing to be shut down with disk technology. There is no loss of data and service interruption during this transport.
Datastore Is the storage space that is assigned to the virtualization environment to be pre-formatted as VMFS.
Storage vMotion A service that allows datastore to copy data without interruption of service.
Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS) Provides load distribution on hypervisor, works with DPM.
Distributed Power Management (DPM) A feature that is connected to DRS is that the virtual machines on the ESXi host that do not have too much overhead are moved to the host standby location by moving them onto other ESXi’s. This ensures energy saving.
Snapshot A snapshot copy of the virtual machine is taken, can be returned before that time. It is not a backup method!

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